A New Desk

A New Desk By Bill Beeler (October ‘95) Hey, I need a new desk. There are many things I need to do. Count our money and pay all our bills. Record our ancestors and write our book. Write to our family and to our friends. Why not just use the kitchen table? The new desk… Continue reading A New Desk

A Friend Lost

Note. This poem is dedicated to the memory of Rick. In the end, he fell victim to those who would use his sexuality as a weapon to destroy him and expect God to bless them for that destruction. Rick was a good man. A Friend LostBy Bill Beeler (July 1996) I lost a friend today,A… Continue reading A Friend Lost

A Bad Day

A Bad Day By Bill Beeler (March 1996) Been a hell of a day, Too much piled on my tray. I just don’t want to play. But, what can I say? Help me through, I pray.

A Spouse’s Prayer

A Spouse’s PrayerBill Beeler 10-3-02 Neglecting herself for us all,Her bright, warm spirit did grow tallThis fall, that break, and that illness-All keeping her from happiness. Vennie has helped us all to grow.Good health she does deserve to know.Checking and doing this or that,Her middle did grow very fat. Now it is threatening her health,Stealing… Continue reading A Spouse’s Prayer

The Catholic Rosary

Note:  An audio recitation of the rosary is in the audio prayer section.  Just click the link. HOW TO PRAY THE ROSARY The rosary is divided into five groups of ten beads called decades. As we pray the  rosary we meditate on the events of Our Lord’s life and Passion, which are called Mysteries. The repetition of… Continue reading The Catholic Rosary

Your Third Marriage

Note:  This was given to me by my former wife when she realized I needed to find myself.  She is very intuitive. Your Third Marriage There are three marriages that all human beings can experience. The marriage to another person–with the well-spring of energy and depth that true intimacy can deliver. Or the marriage to… Continue reading Your Third Marriage

The Good Ole Days

How many times have any of us wished for those good ole days long gone.  Maybe we need to stop and count our blessings.  Here is an interesting piece that my friend shared a while back. People used to use urine to tan animal skins, so families used to all pee in a pot and… Continue reading The Good Ole Days

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My Introduction

(Written December 1994, updated in 1998, updated in 2011, updated in 2020, and again in 2021 ) This is my first post of the St. Joseph’s Blog rebirth. It is a little long, but lays the foundation for a lot of what I’m trying to accomplish. If you want to see a biographic sketch about… Continue reading My Introduction