A Snapshot of Bill Beeler

(Written in Spring 1997, updated Spring of 2021) My name is William P. Beeler. My Mother, my employer, and the taxman are just about the only ones who call me that much more than once. I see myself as Bill Beeler. As you read these essays – it’s important that you have a feeling for… Continue reading A Snapshot of Bill Beeler

My Young Years

Only the Troubled are Saved by Bill Beeler I started out proud and glad. I was good, I was loved. This I knew, they told me so. Mother loved me. This I knew, she told me so. God loved me. This I knew, Mrs. Walls told me so. I met people who were going to… Continue reading My Young Years

The Bible as a base reference

The Bible is a wonderful anthology with many interesting stories. It contains the message of God. Man has tried vainly to describe the indescribable. To make meaning of that which cannot be understood. The writers of Sacred Scripture were caught up in their own bias, their limited understanding of the world and universe around them.… Continue reading The Bible as a base reference