The Bible as a base reference

The Bible is a wonderful anthology with many interesting stories. It contains the message of God. Man has tried vainly to describe the indescribable. To make meaning of that which cannot be understood. The writers of Sacred Scripture were caught up in their own bias, their limited understanding of the world and universe around them.… Continue reading The Bible as a base reference

Your Third Marriage

Note:  This was given to me by my former wife when she realized I needed to find myself.  She is very intuitive. Your Third Marriage There are three marriages that all human beings can experience. The marriage to another person–with the well-spring of energy and depth that true intimacy can deliver. Or the marriage to… Continue reading Your Third Marriage

My Introduction

(Written December 1994, updated in 1998, updated in 2011, updated in 2020, and again in 2021 ) This is my first post of the St. Joseph’s Blog rebirth. It is a little long, but lays the foundation for a lot of what I’m trying to accomplish. If you want to see a biographic sketch about… Continue reading My Introduction