A Study of Languages

Note. This study that started out as one long poem exploring the many languages you and I speak in different situations. It evolved into a number of shorter poems, each looking one or more aspects of our daily languages. Speaking Daddy by Bill Beeler (August 1995) Sitting in the den, I speak daddy with family.… Continue reading A Study of Languages

A New Desk

A New Desk By Bill Beeler (October ‘95) Hey, I need a new desk. There are many things I need to do. Count our money and pay all our bills. Record our ancestors and write our book. Write to our family and to our friends. Why not just use the kitchen table? The new desk… Continue reading A New Desk

A Bad Day

A Bad Day By Bill Beeler (March 1996) Been a hell of a day, Too much piled on my tray. I just don’t want to play. But, what can I say? Help me through, I pray.