A Spouse’s Prayer

A Spouse’s Prayer
Bill Beeler 10-3-02

Neglecting herself for us all,
Her bright, warm spirit did grow tall
This fall, that break, and that illness-
All keeping her from happiness.

Vennie has helped us all to grow.
Good health she does deserve to know.
Checking and doing this or that,
Her middle did grow very fat.

Now it is threatening her health,
Stealing retirement’s true wealth.
My honey is under the knife.
Without her, my life will be rife.

Her surgery is so serious,
And she surely is so precious.
A fear I have for a short time,
That I might lose her in her prime.

Thank you for being at her side,
I know Doctor R you will guide.
Lord, If it is her time to go,
In her place, I will gladly go.

By Bill

Still active at 78. Taught Indian Children for 10 years. Juvenile & Family counselor for Kentucky 2 years. Taught and developed training for U. S. Soldiers for 20 years. After retirement I operated a computer repair business for 12 years. before retiring in Sunny Florida.

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