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Girl StudyingI am keeping an eye out for free Ebooks that I think may be of interest. In most cases, I have not read more than the publisher’s description when making a judgment as to its relevance to this site’s target audience (you). They represent many traditions and points of view. If you find something here objectionable or inappropriate, let me know and I will review it more closely. In the future, I hope to have a selection of missals, prayer books, and other literature to help us in our prayer life. Please send me links for books you would like to see included.

If you are an author or poet and would like to see your work published here or in the blog, send it to me (with a request that I publish it for free use by our visitors) in a PDF format for me too review.

A Growing Opposition To the Doctrine of Hell – Download this Ebook for a discussion about the growing opposition to the doctrine of Hell in the Church of Christ and many other churches. Perhaps unknown to many Christians is the fact that there is a growing opposition to the doctrine of Hell that has been taught from the pulpit for many years. Most of the preachers who do come out against it, simply say nothing about it. Also discussed.. The King James Bible – Your King James Bible in a downloadable format. I am still looking for other versions.
A Study of the King James Version of the Bible – Lectures delivered in 1912 under the auspices of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences.
The Awakening – A must-read Ebook for anyone who has doubts about spiritual warfare, The Awakening provides a rare glimpse into the eternal fight between the forces of good and evil in the daily lives of ordinary men and women. Be Not Afraid – In this hope-filled Ebook, stories of real men and women offer hard-won insights on dealing with uncertainty, loss, grief, and the fear of death. Arnold knows that the biggest challenges in life are the ones that won’t fit the script. All the same, he is convinced that there are plenty of common truths worth holding to the light.
Drained – Dedicated to all “who refuse to run on empty,” Drained tells the stories of ordinary people who overcame their greatest obstacles. For anyone ready to go beyond quick fixes, it provides realistic stepping stones toward a fulfilled life. Healing – This study aims to work out what Jesus attitude was towards healing. It was a controversial area for us today but it was very much part of Jesus life and ministry.
Check back often – More to come!