Your Third Marriage

Note:  This was given to me by my former wife when she realized I needed to find myself.  She is very intuitive.
Your Third Marriage 

There are three marriages that all human beings can experience. The marriage to another person--with the well-spring of energy and depth that true intimacy can deliver. Or the marriage to a career - - with all the deep fulfillment that flows doing work that you were meant to do. The third marriage, becoming one with your true self -- is not only not optional, it's the essential point of this life.         

How many incarnations do we have to stumble through before we get to know the stranger who lives and waits patiently at our very center? But all the greats, somehow, became their true self.
Man on a bench.                                                                                                             
At some point, they all received the grace and permission to stop pretending, to stop pretending to be the person that everyone had always told them they should be. Thomas Merton was certainly one of the greats. A month before his shocking death in Bangkok, he said it so simply, "Brothers and sisters, what we have to be is what we are."  It's this "third marriage" that is the focus of the spiritual journey. But the point of that inner journey to the true self is that it gives you the ability to live your authentic life--here and now. The spiritual journey doesn't lead you to some remote cave in the Himalayas, but rather, right into the warp and woof of daily life.

Or as the Zen master who had made the inner journey to the true self proclaimed--"Chopping wood, carrying water - How wonderful!"

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