A New Desk

A New Desk
By Bill Beeler (October β€˜95)

Hey, I need a new desk.

There are many things I need to do.
Count our money and pay all our bills.
Record our ancestors and write our book.
Write to our family and to our friends.
Why not just use the kitchen table?

The new desk is made of oak,
course the old one was too.

The new desk has lots of work space,
course the old one had almost as much.

The new desk is easier to move,
course the old one had more wood in it.

The new desk has lots of promise,
course the old one had character.

The new desk has three extra drawers,
course they don’t hold much more

Hey, I want a new desk.

By Bill

Still active at 78. Taught Indian Children for 10 years. Juvenile & Family counselor for Kentucky 2 years. Taught and developed training for U. S. Soldiers for 20 years. After retirement I operated a computer repair business for 12 years. before retiring in Sunny Florida.

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