Prayer Center

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How do you pray?  I like to simply talk to my God as if he and I were sitting across from each other over a cup of coffee.  Others like, my father prayed on his knees at his bedside. He liked more formal prayers as you would find in church.  Which ever, I don’t think God really cares as long as we are sincere.

Below are a series of audio prayers you might enjoy listening to.  They are especially useful if you have visual problems, or maybe you just enjoy the feeling  of being with a prayer group.  Most of the prayers are Catholic and or Episcopal.  Many are found throughout Christian denominations.  BUT, I don’t think it makes any difference as long as you find solace and comfort in these words.

Catholic Rosary – Joyful Mysteries Monday and Saturday

Catholic Rosary – Glorious Mysteries Wednesday and Sunday

Catholic Rosary – Sorrowful Mysteries Tuesday and Friday

Catholic Rosary – Luminus mysteries Thursday

General prayer list.  Prayers will play one after another from prayer you select.