All I Want Is To Hold You Wild Wind

 Note: The following is a poem I found on a website geared to gay and lesbian youth that I liked very much way back in 1996. As I have started rebuilding the blog, I want to include them. I tried unsuccessfully to contact the poets for their permission. If this is your poem, I would love to hear from you.
All I Want is to Hold You Wild Wind
by gschmidt

From my memory I can't erase,
The image of your beautiful face,
As I call on a twinkling star,
I think of the many wishes there are.

But all I want is to hold you,
Kiss you, love you, be ever true,
To be a part of your heart and soul,
Is what I need to make me whole.

Like the moon your black hair shines,
Your gorgeous shape follows no lines,
Whispered words from your lips,
A friendly bump from your hips.

Yet in my heart I feel pain,
Dark and spreading like a stain.
I know you can't love me this way,
Unlike me; you aren't bi or gay.

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