Broken and Memorabilia

Note: The following is one of several poems I found on a website geared to gay and lesbian youth that I liked very much way back in 1996. As I have started rebuilding the blog, I want to include these poems. I tried unsuccessfully to contact the poets for their permission. If this is your poem, I would love to hear from you.
Broken by oyster

Your name never spoken my heart lie still and broken.
You never gave me a chance to live,
all you ever wanted from me was to give.
You took my life, you took my gain,
you gave me grief, you gave me pain.
Soon will come one painful day,
a day you will see, a day you will pay.

Memorabilia by oyster

As I search through this old box
of old things, and old hearts,
I remember that time of brand new starts.
That time when I believed even magic to be true,
when destiny controlled my life, my fate, and perhaps you.
I see the pictures of smiling faces,
happy people and far away places.
But back to the present my wondering mind drifts,
and the memories of this old box fall back through the rifts.

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