Note: The following is one of several poems I found on a website geared to gay and lesbian youth that I liked very much way back in 1996. As I have started rebuilding the blog, I want to include these poems. I tried unsuccessfully to contact the poets for their permission. If this is your poem, I would love to hear from you.
"G a y" by Evgeny
(it's also name of the boy to whom I wrote this poem).

It's happening just sometimes,
It's happening from the dreams!
You meeting somebody nice,
That you don't want to loose him.
But you loosing him any way,
You can't do anything more.
Any miracle, any chance,
Will not help you to get him for more.
This not tale, this really life,
True life, with hope and shock.
This can put big knife to your heart,
And destroy him so quickly for all.

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