Passive Sage

Note: The following is one of several poems I found on a website geared to gay and lesbian youth that I liked very much way back in 1996. As I have started rebuilding the blog, I want to include these poems. I tried unsuccessfully to contact the poets for their permission. If this is your poem, I would love to hear from you.
Passive Sage by Roland Thrower

I've been different all my life
yet I've never picked up a knife

I walk naked for the world to see
the person who is really me

They may stare and wonder why
why mustn't he not die!?

I see their bludgeoning words, hit my skin
for I can do little to defend

I have no armor to protect
Nothing but my intellect

Sometimes I wonder: why go on?--
Because of the morning Sun

As I knell down to pray,
Not the ordinary way

I ask for them to understand
I just want to be their friend

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