Untitled Poem By Holly

Note: The following is one of several poems I found on a website geared to gay and lesbian youth that I liked very much way back in 1996. As I have started rebuilding the blog, I want to include these poems. I tried unsuccessfully to contact the poets for their permission. If this is your poem, I would love to hear from you.
Holly, age 16

"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.."
those good little people in my proper little honors classes-
they never hurt your feelings, their mother taught them

"Treat other's like you want them to treat you.."
The teacher's strict rules in class, it will not be tolerated
for you to put someone down

Yes, they are good and proper
they tuck their shirts in, and are

"fag!" that popular one grins, you know the one..
grins at his best friend
who is, of course, not a "fag"
never will be, of course, (it's a choice)

the teacher smiles, the teacher is very
himself, you know the teachers
that think it is funny to say "fag"

They do not put anyone down
They do not say anything not nice
they do not know I am here
Or, do not know who I am
what I am

They don't know that one out of ten
Ha! The class reunion will be fun
of us are
He doesn't know that his best friend is
His best friend doesn't even know.

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