Mary Grace’s Last Visit

What happens when we die? I think we rot, burn, recycle. But I also think we continue on in spirit. Don’t ask me for details, but I have had some experiences. This is the one and only time my God mother, Mary Grace came to visit me.

We were all paying attention to the priest. Deacon Jay intoned, “Let us turn now to those around us and exchange a sign of peace.” Vennie and I kissed , turned and began shaking hands with those around us. I turned, to greet the person behind me. I caught my breath as we shook hands in peace. I was amazed at how much she looked like Mary Grace, my Godmother who had recently died of a heart attack. She gazed into my eyes, smiled took my hand while telling me to be at peace. Returning from communion, Vennie leaned over and asked me if I had noticed how the woman behind us at the sign of peice was the spitting image of Mary Grace. We looked back, she was nowhere to be seen. I asked the lady who was there if she had seen where the lady in the trench coat had gone. The lady did not remember seeing a lady in a trench coat.

Mary Grace knew that I felt bad about not keeping in touch over the years. She wanted to reassure me that we were indeed still in touch. Her body may still be in the casket, but not her soul.

By Bill

Still active at 78. Taught Indian Children for 10 years. Juvenile & Family counselor for Kentucky 2 years. Taught and developed training for U. S. Soldiers for 20 years. After retirement I operated a computer repair business for 12 years. before retiring in Sunny Florida.

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